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I am not tender, but
rough winds can make
even the tallest
and bravest tree shake

I don’t want happiness

I want destruction and toppling cities and for you to offer me a shot at redemption

I don’t want love

I want the earth to shatter when you say my name and the sky to scream when we’re apart

I don’t want life

I just want somebody to die for

And the worst part is, I can’t even be mad at you.
I should want to break everything that reminds me of you and tear at my skin and scream until my legs buckle beneath me,
But all I can do is stay still.
Your last drink reveals sweet lies.
Six Word Story - (E.L)

I was drunk.
The voicemail I left on your phone was slurred and intoxicated and cut my tongue like daggers. In between my sharp words and soft mumbles I heaved the words ‘I love you’.
You never called me back.

You were drunk.
You serenaded me with three verses of Elton John and laughed when I didn’t respond. You paused with heavy sighs and a stuttering heart. In that silence, you could have said ‘I love you’ a hundred times, breathed it a thousand.
I was glad you didn’t.

My dreamcatcher is a
spider’s web
I cling hopelessly to

But what if I don’t want to be
I wish that I still loved you
Back then, my heart could sing

My heartstrings now would need a knife
For me to feel a thing
Invitation To An Explorer

I am mountains
Not in size or strength
But range

These dips and
Peaks inspire bewilderment
From those who only
Gaze from a distance

Come closer
Feel my earth
Explore my range


My tongue burns,
when used to say your name.
Like my coffee so bitter
sweet you have left me
My lips engulf in white hot
flames when kisses are laid
upon them.
Your wish has been
obtained - no future lover
will I love
the same.
Emma Lewis

It starts.
It’s getting all
too much - 
smell, sight, taste and
Perceiving sounds becomes
sensing senses sluggishly so.
My mind concocts
no miracle
cure - 
only sleep
that is everlasting